God’s Been Good

About D. Slone

The Lord has truly blessed me. I have a beautiful wife, Beth, and two lovely daughters, Emaly and Allyson. My wife and I belong to the Rock Fork Old Regular Baptist Church in the Indian Bottom Association. We enjoy going to church spending time with our family. Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you enjoy it and God Bless!
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4 Responses to God’s Been Good

  1. James Horton says:

    Great webpage. Have listen to two of your sermons and will listen to the rest as I have time. I am the Asst. Moderator/Pastor of the West Chester Old Regular Baptist Church. Great job.


  2. James Horton says:

    Bro. Sloan, I started listening to your sermons about a year ago. I am the Asst. Moderator of the West Chester Old Regular Baptist Church. At the time I first started I was taking care of my bed ridden mother. On her birthday in may I was going to her a birthday cake but had forgot my wallet at home, some 15 miles away. I had to drive back to get it. I remember thinking there must be a curse
    on me. That is when I was looking at my smartphone and saw your sermon…A Deliverer…you said..don’t think you are being cursed, think you are being a blessing to someone .
    I want you to know that if you never lifted anyone up, you did me that day. Thank you!

    My mother passed away Wednesday. I just wanted to thank you for helping me during a dark night of the soul. That is the thing about the Gospel, you do not know where it will go.
    Your brother in Christ.
    James Horton.


    • D. Slone says:

      Brother James, I am so sorry to hear the news. Our prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for the kind words. There is nothing I can tell you that you do not already know but we all need a lift from time to time. Your words have lifted me also.
      Lots of love and God bless my brother.


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